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All about esports Dota 2


Dota 2 is a follow-up to Valve Corporation’s Defense of the Ancients Dota, a communal shaped model for Blizzard Entertaining’s warcraft III: reign of chaos and its expansion pack, The Frozen Throne.


The game is classified as a “MOBA” (multiplayer online battle arena game) and is played by five-person teams. The game’s goal is for each team to kill their opponent’s base while defending their own. The winner is the first team to kill their opponent’s base successfully. Dota 2 has become the most successful MOBA game to succeed as a competitive esport due to its easy but immersive style. The game is available for free on Valve’s website and competes directly with League of Legends.

Playing Instructions

The main objective of Dota 2 is to destroy the enemy’s ancient castle, which is the largest structure within your team’s foundation and win the game by doing so. Each team must choose one individual hero to play for the duration of the game. Players need to choose a character they’re committed to because once you’ve decided on a hero, there’s no going back before the next session.

The map has three lanes that lead from one team’s base to the other’s (left, middle, and right). At the start of the game, players determine with their teammates which of their lanes will be their primary target. Players can encounter defensive towers and non-player characters (creeps) in these lanes, which must be killed to gain experience points and gold. You will help your team get closer to the enemy base by killing these creeps and smashing defensive towers. The player versus player action starts when a player focuses on a lane, as does the enemy team. PVP in this game is the main idea of betting on esports sites.

Dota Heroes

Both heroes are extremely poor at the start of and game, emphasizing the value of gaining experience and gold. Experience points are used to level up your character, which allows you to gain new abilities or improve those you already have.

So, early on in the game, concentrating on getting the last hits on creeps and denying your opponents the opportunity to farm gold and experience is a great way to gain a significant advantage. This is because heroes are vulnerable in the early game. If one of the team members manages to get one or two levels above their rivals, it’s very likely to keep slaying them because your willpower grows faster than your opponents’.

This is an excellent way to gain more map power and advance deeper down your lanes. However, if you leave your lane to defraud someone else, you’re leaving your lane defenseless, and the enemy might use this as a counter to drive your lane closer to your foundation.

We’ve entered the “Late game” when lanes are moved further, and players’ heroes are at a higher stage. This is where the team’s communication and teamwork become extremely critical. A good tactic here is to try to get into the opponents’ base and smash their “barracks.” These are the structures in front of the ancient structure.

Your creeps will become stronger due to killing these and will offer less experience and gold when killed by the enemy. As a result, not only are you putting pressure on the lanes, but you’re also slowing down your opponents’ gold and experience grind. At this point, it’s also critical to organize attacks against the enemy heroes, as destroying the entire team gives you plenty of time to try to destroy their base.